Why Choose Us?

  • Understanding you need, profile, lifestyle, and budget to tailor your requirement with best and most economical solution.

  • Partnered with but not limited to BANKS, out of the box solution not limited mortgage products.

  • Assistance throughout mortgage journey till you receive the keys to your dream home.


  • We work for you and not the bank. Our team of experts help you get the best of the best offerings in the market.

  • We will assist in all the paperwork to get an easy Mortgage for you


We Listen....

Our proficient mortgage broker will act as your intermediary with all the major banks in the market. Opting to approach a bank directly might limit you to their offerings, potentially forcing you to navigate through multiple institutions in search of the right fit.

The longstanding rapport our mortgage broker maintains with banks proves invaluable when securing the most favorable terms on your behalf. Our aim is to streamline the process, sparing you from the hassle and stress typically associated with mortgage acquisition. Your convenience and peace of mind are our top priorities.

  • We cater to

  • We can help you finance

    • Residential Property
    • Commercial Property
    • Plot & Land
    • Under Construction
    • Projects on HANDOVER PAYMENTS
    • Post-handover payment plan
    • Warehouses & Buildings
    • Labor Camps
    • Construction loan
  • Products

    • Variable Interest rate loans
    • Fixed Interest rate loans
    • Equity Release
    • Refinance / Balance Transfer
    • Bundled/Multiple Units Finance
    • Islamic/Sharia Finance


Specialist's Mortgage was founded in 2015 on the values of excellent customer service and mutual trust. Today we work on loans in all the seven Emirates and have facilitated many owners realize their dreams of owning a property in the UAE. Our utmost basis of pride comes from our clients' satisfaction. Nearly all Specialist's Mortgage business comes from referrals, word of mouth, and repeat customers.

If you are considering a new property purchase, look to Specialist's Mortgage, where you will experience an unparalleled service.

How are we Different from Other Home Mortgage Lenders?

  • We're real people - Forget Online bots and temps using a script. If you have a question, give us a call. A real mortgage professional is sure to answer.
  • We're an industry leader in on-time closings. Our underwriting expertise and advantages help to get you to the closing table faster, and into your new home.
  • We offer competitive rates and superior mortgage servicing. We want to earn customers for life, and since we retain the servicing on most of our loans, we'll be with you for the long term.
  • To us, putting customers first is our whole way of doing business. We're not lost in a mess of corporate red tape. We're just real people helping real people make their dreams of buying a home come true.